Tuesday, February 02, 2010

THE SCHOOL LUNCHBOX - 7 Ways To Make It Better!

School’s back and once again we are faced with the challenge of filling up those lunchboxes with interesting, delicious, simple and healthy things for hungry tummies. Sometimes it can be tricky to keep a rein on the packaged food, particularly under pressure from wily young ones or determined teens! But it is important to remember that if we fill their lunchboxes with good food they are much more likely to be settled and focussed at school and be able to concentrate more easily. This means learning is easier too! Making some simple changes can mean a big difference in their learning potential and outcomes.

Lunchboxes and good food at school can be as simple or as difficult as we choose to make it. It's not necessary to make elaborate, gourmet lunches but neither is it necessary to fill the lunchboxes with packaged convenience food. A balanced approach is the way to go with the main focus on fresh, clean tastes for healthy brains and bodies.

Here are 7 ways to make that lunchbox better! :

1. Switch to wholegrain bread and forget the white. Brown, rye and wholegrain breads and rolls will give your kids the brain power they need at school. And remember to make the sandwiches interesting! Try wraps, pita pockets, mountain bread, triangles or finger sandwiches for something different.

2. Fill that delicious bread with anything fresh they like - tomato, cucumber, avocado, celery, salad, grated carrot & beetroot, sprouts, pesto, hummus, cheese, egg, tuna, fresh chicken......

3. Make a salad tub or give them last nights dinner. Pasta, corn on the cob, hard boiled egg, chicken salad or casserole. Kids love cold leftovers! For the foodie, add some felafel, a wedge of brie, spicy dolmades and olives or some sushi!

4. Pack your own dips and wholegrain crackers instead of buying the cheap pre-packaged ones which are loaded with food additives and, instead of chips, try home popped popcorn or a bag of muesli.

5. Leave out the chocolate bars, roll ups and all the processed and pre packaged foods that are marketed to children and give them a bag of sultanas and almonds, yoghurt and fresh fruit or home made muffins, biscuits, slices, scones or pikelets.

6. Change over to lots of fresh fruit instead of sugary fruit bars and swap the boxed juices or flavoured drinks for water. Lots of water will keep their minds alert and focussed.

7. Get your kids involved, keep it fun and as simple and fresh as possible and you are on a winner!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jacqi!
Thanks for all the comments on Foodbuzz!
Talking of lunch boxes, I do write every week about the bentos the Missus makes for me!LOL
Your kids must have some great fun!

Anonymous said...

A great healthy dessert for lunchbox:
Make your own natural frozen yogurt. Mix some natural berry powder with plain or vanilla yogurt, add honey if you prefer it sweeter. Freeze the yogurt and put in your child's lunchbox in the morning. By lunchtime it's smooth and cold. Natural berry powder is full of nutrients and fiber, with no additives.
Scandinavian countries make great natural berry powders.